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Kayla's Page!

My Mommy rescued me from a local pet shop when I was a little over eight weeks old. I was so scared in the cage, but once Mommy and I saw each other, it was love at first sight! Then we went home, and I met Daddy. Heís pretty cool too!

We lived in an apartment even though they didnít allow pets. I didnít like it very much, because I was very lonely when they would go to work. Sometimes I would play with my toys, and other times I would tear up the spanish moss in Mommyís plants. I donít think she liked that very much. Daddy would take me for long walks on the bike trail, and I would hear this sound that I had never heard before. When we came to the sound, it was a creek. I got my paws wet, and I loved it! Daddy taught me to go in the water, and I began to swim. That was really fun. I would get out of the water and shake! Daddy would laugh! We began to take Mommy on our walks, and she was scared when I went in the creek to swim. But I showed her that I was careful and that I wasnít afraid! Then I would get out and shake! She laughed too! We had a great time.

Then we moved to a house. There were so many rooms to check out, and we had a yard! Daddy didnít have to sneak me outside from now on! The first time I went in the back yard, I saw a big pond with ducks in it! I jumped in and chased all the ducks away! The next week, Mommy and Daddy had put up a fence, so I had to look through the fence to see the ducks, but sometimes they would fly over the fence, and I would chase them.

About a week later, we got a visitor, or at least I though it was a visitor. His name way Kody! He was so little, and he followed me around all the time. He used to try to nibble on my ears, so I nibbled back. Mommy told me to be nice. So I decided to take care of him. I clean his face once in a while and let him sit in mommyís lap when he wants. I guess heíll be staying, and that's ok, cause he's pretty easy to love!

Now we have a new addition to our family. His name is Bailey, and mommy saw him in the middle of the road, and she just couldn't leave him. To make a long story short, he has made himself at home with us, and frankly has taken over. I give it right back to him, though!

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