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Kody's Page!

Jed's Top Dog Award
Thank You Jed & Amber - for thinking so much of me!

Mommy and Daddy picked me out of a litter of eleven puppies, boy was I lucky (and so were they)! I moved to my new home in August of 1992. I was a little scared, because there was a bigger dog there and I donít think she liked me at first. I followed her around and wanted to be her best friend. After awhile we did become best friends! She taught me to run and play, chase squirrels and birds, and how to sleep on my back! I also love to gnaw on my chewies and toys (I especially love squeaky toys). I donít like the water like Kayla does. I donít like to get wet and mess up my hair. I really enjoy going for rides with Mommy and Daddy too! They are a lot of fun.

When I was a baby, I was scared being left alone in a big house, but Kayla helped me out. She use to sleep on the sofa during the day, and I would try to climb up and lay with her, but I couldnít jump that high. So sometimes, Kayla would lay on the floor so that I could lay next to her. One day Mommy came home and couldnít find me anywhere. She was calling my name and sounded very upset. When she finally found me, she also found my favorite sleeping place, in a little cubbie hole in the night stand next to the bed. I love to lay under things like chairs and tables. Now Mommy knows where to find me, and she doesnít worry anymore.

I didnít really like the house we used to lived in, it had too many steps to climb, and my knee would hurt. Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor to see why it hurt so much, and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital having knee surgery! I was scared, but Mommy checked on my everyday and before I knew it I was home! I had a big cast on my leg and couldnít move very well, but they made me comfortable, and Mommy, Daddy, and Kayla slept with me, so I wouldnít be alone. After awhile I started to feel better, and the doctor took my cast off! Now I can run around better, but once in a while my knee hurts, so Mommy gives me medicine! I have had alot of visits to the doctor! My most recent trip included emergency surgery for a ruptured disc. Visit my surgery page to read more.

We now have another playmate in the house. His name is Bailey, and he and I have a unique relationship - we tolerate each other. You can visit his page and meet him.

I love my Mommy a lot, and I donít like it when people get to close to her. I keep people away from her as much as possible, sometimes even Daddy! Now we live in a house with a big yard, and Kayla, Bailey and I get to run around all the time! What a great life!

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