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In Memory of . . . .


It saddens us to announce that our dear friend Marshall "The Marshal" Harrison went to Rainbow Bridge on May 23, 2000. He touched the lives of all who knew him. How blessed we are to be deputies in Marshall's Posse! We hope to make him proud as we continue to carry out our duties. We love you Angel Marshall and feel safe knowing you are watching over us.

Marshall Harrison
Marshall Harrison
April 8, 1987 - May 23, 2000

We received some very sad news that our friend Geoffrey passed away March 27, 2001. We share in the devastating grief that his family is going through. Geoffrey was one of our very first cyber friends. He celebrated his 15th birthday on St. Patrick's Day shortly before going to Rainbow Bridge. Geoffrey was a handsome, distinguished southern gentleman, who melted your heart with those good looks. God brings all kinds of creatures together for His own reasons, how lucky we are that Geoffrey was part of our lives.

March 17, 1986 - March 27, 2001


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Last Updated 5/1/2001