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Kayla & Kody


Hi friends! Can you believe fall has arrived? We love running in the leaves and finding where the squirrels have buried their nuts! We are anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving! It always smells so good in the house.....and we love waiting in the kitchen to see what drops! You never know what you might get!!!


Hi, My Name Is Kayla

Kayla I was born on November 7, 1991. I am a buff colored cocker spaniel who loves giving kisses! I enjoy running, chasing squirrels and birds, gnawing on my chewies and toys, sleeping on my back, and watching TV (as long as it's about animals - I love the Westminster Dog Show)! I really love the water! I am a bit shy of strangers, but once I get to know you, Iíll give you kisses too.

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Cedarsoft Bed
I won this cool bed from Santana's Birthday Club!

Hi, My Name Is Kody

Kody I was the baby of the family, until Bailey came along. I was born on May 29, 1992. I am a buff colored cocker spaniel, but I have more white around my face and chest than Kayla does. I love to chase squirrels! I also like to steal people's socks and carry them around. Tennis balls are one of my favorite toys. I'll retrieve them anytime! I like giving high-fives to everyone! I love my family, especially my Mommy! She letís me lay on her lap all the time, and I always keep her in my sight!

More About Kody   More About Me Kody's Pictures   Pictures of Me

We're working dogs now ... we're Deputies!
We're official Deputies in Marshall's Posse
Deputy Kayla
Deputy Kody
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Chasing your tail gets you nowhere,
except back to where you started!

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