Our beloved Kody lost his battle with cancer on February 19, 2004. Our hearts were shattered, and we will never be the same. He was an incredible dog who always fought the odds, but in the end he, and we knew it was time to go.

Our lady love Kayla lived a wonderful 15 years, before she suddenly became ill. It was cancer, which had taken over her body. The tough girl she was, she never really showed signs until the very end, and we had to let her go on December 12, 2006. She was our first dog, and because of her, we became the dog lovers we are today! We have no words to describe the loss and sadness we felt at her passing.

We miss them so very much, and altough time heals, we will never be completely healed from the loss of our "children".

Thank you for your prayers and words of comfort. We will forever be grateful to our internet friends, who are like family to us.

Blessings to you all,
Denise, Lyle, and Bailey