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Kayla & Kody's Cool Links

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary:
This is the nation's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals, and is home to never fewer than 1,500 homeless, abandoned or abused dogs, cats, and other animals all over the country. They provide many other services too and are supported ENTIRELY through donations! We generously support this place! Please visit them, better yet, if you can spare a little change.....they could sure use it!

The Website For Dog Lovers.

Patio Pacific, Inc.:
America's Finest Pet Doors.

Paws Across America:
Great site that promotes responsible pet ownership and much much more!

Jeanne's Dream Cocker Spaniel Rescue Haven:
An organization that helps cocker spaniels and other needy animals find loving homes.

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Missing Pet Network:
State by state directory, other countries included.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters:
An association dedicated to promoting the concept on in-home pet care, the welfare of animals, and of professional pet sitters!

One of the largest selection of music on the internet! Kayla & Kody's Favorite Music Store!

Need Some Books? This is the place!!!

The Dog Hause
A Playground for Pets and Pet Lovers.

A must visit for every dog & owner!

Mail Dog
FREE E-mail service for you or your dog!

Shirley's Cyber Home
Shirley's Cyber Home! Hop in her yellow Corvette, and she'll take you on a virtual tour!

San-d's Banner
For Good Old Fashioned Family Fun!

Kritters In The Mailbox
Beautiful Dog Figurines!

Pet Lovers Award
If you are an animal lover, you must visit! Let's all fight for animal rights!

DreamPackers Pets
Our American Eskimo Dogs

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