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Congratulations to the sites listed below! They have the proud distinction of being selected as Kayla & Kody's Best Pet Sites! Please visit them, you won't be disappointed!


Jangles - The Black Prince
Bostons in Texas
The Pet Pals
Lindy and Friends, INC
The Simonton Doggies
The Dandy Lil' Doghouse
Cocker Spaniel Daisy & Shepherd Arco
My Darn Dog!
Princess, Ramses and Friends
All things Aussie and Doggy
Dog Breed Rescue Groups on the Web
Lucky The Wonder Dog
Grace O'My Sunshine
Tales From The Bark Side
Cocker-Club Koellertal
Clarington Pet Connection
Chihuahua Elitie
Kings Doghouse
Meghan's Dog Page
Phoebe's Shrine to the Poodle
Chelsea's Page
Puffin's Place On The Web
Nouveau Papillions
WYSIWYG Luke Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Homepage
MY Chihuahuas - Chihuahua Rescue and Breed Information
Chows Of Do-Right
Samoyed Kaskimaan Nikolai
The Dog House - Keswick, Chubacca and Neelix
Pets Place
Dogs A Plenty
Lilli & Emma's Bichon Page
Bracco Italiano & Mastino Napoletano
Ben's Pages
Tails A Waggin'
Sugar Bear & Twinkie
Futre Web Page
Lacey Belle's Homepage
Woody's Homepage
Tafi Mae And Mollee Anne
Paul's Dober Kids"
Smiley's Golden Pages
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue
Tucker's Page
Memory Lane Collies
Ulla's Poodle Pages
Baker Street Bull Terriers
The Bull Terrier.Com
Eastern Goldfields Kennel Club
Sit Boo Boo Sit
Black Russian Terrier
National Dog Rescue Connection
Jazzy Jazz
Dog Bone Club Homepage
Libby's Dog House
A Shih Tzu View Of The Net
My Pug Munchy
Our Pet Parlor
Wendy's Homepage
Gladiolīs Shetland Sheepdogs
My Little Home On The Web"
Gizmo Reed's Page
Kona's Homepage
The Daisy Babe Web Page
DreamPackers Pets - Our American Eskimos
The American Eskimo Dog Site
Buddy & Xator's Doggie Page
The Shar-Pei Breeders & Lovers Network
Fido's Doghouse
  Kobey, the Norweigan Elkhound, and Friends
Aussie-Tzu (Buster, Bandit, and Ringo)
Wag-Time (Home of The Boston Symphony)
The Moore Hounds Web Page
Jedstar's Site For Animals
Bugsy & Gipper's Homepage
Storm Mastiffs Homepage
Linda's Kountry Pugs
Katie's Page
The Diary of Ringhio
Bruno's Page
Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Mishar's Shih Tzu
The Doggy Bag
Raven's Cancer Diary
Chloe & Pugslee's Homepage
Kritter Keepsakes
Dido's Homepage
The Lilley Pad
SHAID Tree Animal Shelter
SNOWPACK - Home Of The Mud Huskies
CJ's Doggy Page
Bobby's Pages
Gunnar's Playhouse
Rott'N'To The Core
Paws Across America
Keiko's Bunny World
Gonzo Bonanzo's Home Page
The Paws Place
Asasha - The Peke With No Eyes
Animal World
Hermes Large Munsterlander
Whiskey & Gypsy's Doggie Den
  For The Love Of Samantha
Pet Chat
Happy Labs
Bow Wow Biscuits
Peaches Puppy Page
Von Stallog Rottweilers
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Rhoda, San Francisco's Favorite Pug
Animais Raros
Les Pyramides de Cholula
Cocker Love
Working Dog Web
Whitney's Cocker Spaniel Page
Harley's Home
Michal, Filly, and Astra's Home Page
Dog Park.COM
Opalguard Bullmastiff Kennels
TuTu's Homepage
The Doggie Page of the Texas Threesome
American Cocker Spaniels
Lady & Maxie's Home Page
Cocoa's Web Page!
Wendy's Home Page
Gretchen's Page
Geoffrey's Page
Max's Corner!
Dingo's Dog Page
My Little Dog Joschi
Furkids Page

Carnmellis Weimaraners
Shetland Sheepdogs - Shelties
Rachel's Pawfect Page
The Wonderfull World Of Dogs
Piper - Purina's Jack Russell Terrier Model
Brandi's Paw Prints
Brandi's Home Page
Puppy Love
SpikePuppy's Wonderful World of Chihuahuas!
Whiner's Page
Newt's Page
Kelley's Korner
Piper's Sheltie Haven
Jake & Crosby's World
Oliver's Home Page
Darwin's Playground

The Doggy Page

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