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Kody's Birthday


Thank You Card

I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful birthday greetings I received from my internet friends! There are some very talented and creative pets & people out there! I posted a few of the graphics made for me (see them below)! I received alot of cool posty's, e-cards, and emails! This was by far the best birthday ever! I loved it when Mommy read all the emails to me. She gets so carried away! Mommy printed all of them out and put them in my scrap book!

Earlier in the morning, Mommy baked me a doggie birthday cake! Yummmmmm! It was delicious. I also got to go to Petsmart to shop for more treats, and toys. Mommy says I am so predictable, because I chose a ball as my gift. I can't help it, I love tennis balls!

Then it was off to the park to run around with Kayla and Bailey, but mostly, I stayed with my Mommy while Kayla, Bailey, and Daddy acted like wild animals! All in all it was a great day!

Thank you all for being a special part of my birthday! Love & Licks Always!




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